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Take a moment to soak up Kansha’s peace and tranquility, thereby enhancing the benefit of your healing therapy. We offer complimentary, nourishing Ayurvedic tea or fresh, filtered water while you wait and request that you respectfully turn off your mobile phone.

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Focused on the correction of spinal alignment to optimise the function of the spine and the nervous system it houses.

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An ancient therapy, safe and effective in our modern world. Stimulating specific points on the body to enhance healing and overall wellbeing.

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A traditional, non-invasive therapy which stimulates specific reflex points on the feet corresponding to each of the body’s organ systems. Encouraging balance and wellbeing.

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A hands on approach for musculo-skeletal ailments. Focused on rehabilitation and conditioning of the joints and soft tissues to improve function and performance.

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A hands on healing modality drawn from ancient cultures. Massage has a broad range of beneficial effects to improve overall wellbeing.





In today’s fast paced life, we can often feel invisible, or even ignored. People often find themselves saying “no-one understands what I’m going through”. We long to have a safe space for reflection and someone that will listen –the counsellor uses empathy and active listening to hear small changes in thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

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Essential oils

Essential oils have been used since ancient times as a therapy to restore wellbeing and promote physical and mental rejuvenation.

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Gift Voucher

For a special occasion, to express your gratitude or for a loved one needing some care. Allow your friends and family to experience the therapeutic benefits of massage at Kansha or gift money towards a treatment of their choice.

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Our Team

Our therapists have a strong understanding of body intelligence starting with the fact that everything is connected - Mind & Body.

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March 2019 Newsletter

Beautiful Autumn! It’s no surprise that Autumn in Noosa is high on the favourites list. Relief from our hot Summer has […]

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Recovery from Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

By Kawai Tsang, in consultation with Margaret (Margie) Thomson   Margie initiated her own research into Recovery from Trauma and […]

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Stay in balance

As part of the integrity of our approach we willingly share our knowledge to empower you to implement simple restorative practices at home. To receive tips on how our emotions, environment, seasons and diet influences our wellbeing and how you can stay in balance, please subscribe to our ‘Kansha Insights’ quarterly newsletter.