September 2019 Newsletter

Spring has sprung and we are thrilled. The days are getting longer and warmer, the gardens are blooming and the birds are waking us at first light. As we move between the seasons, we see consistent and clear changes. Each season has it’s cycle and it’s hard not to notice when you stop and pay attention.

As we all come out of our winter hibernation we encourage everyone to notice and welcome the changes as they come. There are more hours to enjoy these gorgeous days and appreciate all that we are blessed with in our amazing Noosa region. Get out and smell the fresh air. Sink your feet into the earth, take time to adjust. Being mindful is something we wholeheartedly encourage for all our patients. We truly believe it makes a huge difference in the amount of joy you can squeeze out of every single day.

Generally, Spring is the season where we feel our most inspired and purposeful. While we encourage you to keep consuming warming foods on cooler days, we do need less of our winter foods as the temperature rises. Allow your cooking to slowly move towards lighter methods. Take advantage of abundant fresh produce available from the area throughout Spring.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the liver and gall bladder are at the peak of their activity throughout Spring. Supporting these organs is crucial. Supporting and balancing them throughout Spring will benefit the entire body and provide a strong foundation for good health.

Foods to look for this season and include in your diet are basil, beetroot, carrot, celery, coconut milk, lemon, oats, ginger, prawns, cucumber, oranges, seeds and leafy greens.

It’s worth noting that the weather can tend towards high winds during Spring, be sure to cover up on those days. Even a light scarf can go a long way in protecting yourself from excessive wind.

For those with internal wind (inner wind comes about from an imbalance of Yin and Yang), this wind can attack internal organs if they are weakened. You may experience symptoms such as dizziness, cramps, itching, spasms, ringing of the ears or headaches. Acupuncture along with Chinese herbs are a wonderful way to support the body and dispel excess wind, we have practitioners who are able to assist in this.

Juicing is a great way to target specific organs and provide additional support. The following juice is great for supporting the liver and assisting in removal of toxins. It’s a fabulous juice to add to your day as we move into Spring.

1 beetroot, scrubbed
1 handful of leaves (tip: dandelion leaves are bitter but fabulous for liver support)
1 green apple
1 lemon
1 cucumber
Just put these through your juicer, pop it into a glass and give it a stir. Ideally this is best consumed freshly juiced just before a meal. Juice on an empty stomach allows for maximum digestion and absorption.

Have you already taken advantage of our Longevity Vouchers? Our patients over 60 years are eligible to purchase one voucher every single year. Give us a call and find out when you are able to renew. For patients that have not yet purchased one, it’s a fabulous way to save some serious dollars on your favourite treatments. Ask us at the front desk or ask your practitioner for the details.

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