Kansha Physiotherapists are highly trained health professionals who provide effective treatment for a range of physical problems arising from injury, disease, illness and ageing. Consultations involve the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of spinal, joint and muscular conditions.

The aim is to alleviate pain, heal damaged tissues, restore alignment and function, prevent disease, avoid or minimize disability and assist your body to move and function at its full potential.

At Kansha, all physiotherapy is manually based providing effective treatment for both acute and sub-acute spinal pain, as confirmed by recent research studies, as well as providing you with the full one-on-one consultation time with your therapist because we care for your comfort, health and happiness both as an individual and a valued client.

What to expect

Consultations include a full history of your condition, current life issues and lifestyle demands, a gait and movement assessment, postural analysis and diagnosis.

Treatment is individually tailored to suit every client. Therapies may include manual bodywork, joint mobilizations, deep tissue massage, myofascial release, postural biomechanics (re-training) and strengthening and stretching exercises.

Injuries may be caused by a single incident of strain, repetitive activities, bad posture, muscular imbalances, being over-weight, a sedentary lifestyle or hereditary tendencies to name a few. Kansha Physiotherapy offers a holistic approach that will address these factors giving you self-management advice for home, work and sport to reduce the risk of your injury re-occurring.

You’ll leave with a clear understanding of your condition, an integrated treatment plan (liaising with your medical practitioner, specialist and other parties as necessary) and specifically targeted rehabilitation exercises. Our aim is provide you with the tools and knowledge to facilitate freedom of movement and thereby enhance your own healing, health and wellbeing.

All Physiotherapists are University trained and registered.
No medical referral is necessary unless under EPC, TAC, work cover or DVA
Private health rebates available.


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Stay in balance

As part of the integrity of our approach we willingly share our knowledge to empower you to implement simple restorative practices at home. To receive tips on how our emotions, environment, seasons and diet influences our wellbeing and how you can stay in balance, please subscribe to our ‘Kansha Insights’ quarterly newsletter.