Richelle Barker

Chiropractor / Acupuncturist

The founder of  Kansha  Natural Therapies, and a  practicing chiropractor with a   successful clinic in Noosa since  2000. Richelle completed a  Masters in acupuncture in 2004.

With an understanding that the healing effect of acupuncture could be enhanced by a  restful environment,  she was inspired by a vision to create such a  space in Kansha.

Passionate about the holistic philosophy of  Traditional Chinese  Medicine and chiropractic,  especially the influence the emotions, environment and diet play on the dynamics in the body.

Richelle has seen the profound harmonizing effect of these modalities can have on restoring the bodies natural state of balance.  She uses an integrated approach to her sessions.

ANTA Member (Australian  Natural Therapies  Association)

EPC and DVA  provider.

Health Rebates available.




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Stay in balance

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