Jason Ronan


Jason Ronan has been a chiropractor since graduating from RMIT University in 1993. He has helped people in Australia, New Zealand & England during his career, having had the privilege to care for newborns, children, athletes (from weekend warriors to elite olympians) senior citizens & busy mums & dads.

Over his career, Jason has completed post graduate study in kinesiology, paediatrics, SOT, headache diagnosis & management, dry needling & western acupuncture. More recently incorporating kinesiotaping & home-based rehabilitation into his treatment plans.

With more than 25 years experience, Jason has been able to study, incorporate & master many techniques & modalities which have become mainstays of his treatments. A beneficial combination of acupuncture, soft tissue treatment (massage) & adjustments is used along with home care advice & rehabilitation exercises.

Living in the best part of Australia, Jason shares a home with his partner & children in Noosaville & likes to enjoy all Noosa has to offer in his spare time, exercising his dog Bindi, swimming, bush walking, mountain biking, falling off his SUP or motorbike.

Now in his 50s, Jason is very interested in helping people stay active, healthy, fit & well, to enjoy all life has to offer, moving well without pain & staying well as they mature.





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