March 2019 Newsletter

Beautiful Autumn!

It’s no surprise that Autumn in Noosa is high on the favourites list. Relief from our hot Summer has finally arrived, it’s time to cool down!

Just like our wardrobe selection changes with the seasons, so should the foods we choose to grow, buy and eat. As the temperature begins to drop, we need to look for foods that warm and nourish our bodies. Always look for seasonal produce and take the time to sit down and enjoy your food. This alone has been proven to improve digestion, reduce overeating and improve overall meal satisfaction. Not to mention the perfect excuse to take time and connect with our loved ones.


Longevity Vouchers

These are still available and still proving very popular with our 60+ year old patients. They offer amazing value and promote ongoing health and wellbeing. Ask us about our Longevity Vouchers.


No diffuser to make use of your Essential Oils? We have diffusers in stock. These beautiful machines use ultrasonic technology to freshen and improve your air quality. These diffuse for up to 8 hours and turn off automatically when the water reserve is depleted.

Young Living

We have just had a delivery of all your favourites. Lavender, Lemon, Raven, Thieves and Peppermint to name a few. They are all available to purchase from Kansha, offering many health benefits and of course they smell amazing!!!





Here at Kansha, we have several practitioners offering Reflexology, an ancient principle enhancing health and balance in our bodies. The basic principles of Reflexology indicate that areas of our feet and body directly relate with internal organs and structures within our body. Through gentle pressure and stimulation of these points we can begin to balance and restore. It is a wonderful therapy and can also be deeply relaxing. Our patients have seen improvements in many areas including digestive and skin health, improved circulation, improved lymphatics and reduced pain. With such a myriad of health benefits, it’s easy to see why this has become an in-demand therapy.


Farewell to a couple of favourites!

The first quarter of the year will see us farewell two familiar faces. Karakrista has been an important part of our team for many years and has enjoyed a fulfilling and very much successful time at Kansha offering Physiotherapy to her clients.

Similarly, Rebecca has helped many patients return to better health through her incredible massage techniques and intuitive healing over the past 3 years. Her deep tissue skills will be missed by many!!

We wish them both the very best and will be very much missed among our team.

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