Design The Life You Love

with Life Stylist & Integrative Wellness Coach, Cate Young

If you’re interested in approaching your life in a more holistic manner, Integrative Wellness Coaching will guide you to make positive and lasting changes to all levels of your being: emotionally, physically, spiritually and environmentally.

As a Life Stylist, Cate Young empowers her clients to find complete clarity around who they are and what they’re here for. Her unique coaching and design processes will reconnect you with your true self, ensuring you come away with a clear vision for your life, and most importantly, armed with an action plan (blueprint). We all have a unique blueprint – your true essence. When you’re in alignment with this, the possibilities are endless.

In your sessions with Cate, you’ll learn and experience potent processes and tools to keep you accountable for putting the fire back into your life. You’ll be guided through mindfulness practices and creative methods grounded in modern psychology, science and ancient wisdom – designed to help you realign with your purpose, connect with what truly matters to you and design a life you truly love.

Is working with a Life Stylist for you?

  • There is an area of your life that isn’t really working – career, relationships, wellbeing, finances, environment.
  • You want clarity around who you are, your purpose, and how to get there.
  • You are at one of life’s crossroads and not sure which direction to take.
  • You want to achieve optimum wellness in all areas of your life emotionally, physically, spiritually and environmentally.
  • You want to live and work in spaces that reflect you and are functional

Clients who have benefited: 

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners feeling stuck or dissatisfied professionally.
  • Anyone adjusting to life after a significant change or trauma.
  • People moving into the next life phase and struggling to find their identity.
  • Business owners wanting to take their brand or business to the next level.
  • Busy people struggling with anxiety and trying to find their balance.
  • Couples and individuals navigating infertility.

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