Ease and Flow (SALT Spring 2018)

SALT MAGAZINE SPRING 2018 (Words Jemma Pearson, Photos Krista Eppelstun)

ON AN UNSEASONABLY sunny winter morning recently, I left the salt offices and made my way to Noosaville and the tranquillity that is Kansha.

Stepping into the bright practice I was greeted by the smiling faces of practice manager Erica Stanecki and remedial massage therapist Genine Cullen.  As the door gently closed behind me I breathed out and Erica introduced me to Peytrah Fischer, the therapist who would be spending the next hour easing me into a state of relaxation.

But before the treatment, I asked Erica about the practice.  She told me that 11 years ago chiropractor and acupuncturist Richelle Barker started the clinic with the aim of creating a tranquil, healing space, a multidisciplinary practice that offered a spa experience with therapeutic treatments.  I think Richelle has achieved her aim.  The ambience is definitely spa-like – there were candles burning and soothing music playing and the scent of essential oils wafted subtly through the space.

Nine practitioners offer a range of therapies from the clinic, including acupuncture, chiropractic, massage and reflexology to treat a range of conditions.

Erica explained, “Every therapist has their own style.  When a client calls [to book an appointment] the staff who answer will ask lots of questions to find out what the client needs.”  From there the client will be directed to the best practitioner for their need.  Erica says she has had treatments with all the practitioners (it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it) so she understands how the practitioner works and is in the best position to advise clients.

But enough talking.  My treatment awaited!  Peytrah led me to one of the three treatment rooms and asked me what I was hoping to get out of the morning.

I sighed and words failed me.  What did I need?  It’s a question I hadn’t asked myself.

Peytrah explained how her treatments work.  It wasn’t going to be a typical massage.  “What I do is more like body work.  I help you come into centre again.”  Re-centring sounded like a great idea to me.

Peytrah uses her physiotherapy training, as well as visceral therapy, reflexology and lymphatic drainage when working with clients.  She talked about breath and this really struck a chord.  I am someone who needs to breathe more.  I often find myself holding my breath when stressed, and whenever I meditate or practise yoga, it’s the breathing, the quietening of the mind, that I most struggle with.

Peytrah explained that it’s her job to help build up her clients’ energy levels and get them back into alignment.  But the proof is in the treatment, and once on the table.  I could see what she meant.

As I was lying face down, the treatment started off, as many massages do, with gentle strokes on my back and shoulders.  But soon Peytrah had me rolling over and she concentrated on my hips.  I wasn’t surprised when she told me they were not aligned.  Using subtle touch, she gently eased away the tension in the lower part of my body.  She worked my arms and then finished the treatment with subtle movements on my face and neck.

As I sensed the treatment was wrapping up, I realised that though I felt deeply relaxed, I wasn’t at all tired.  Often when I have a massage I fall asleep, and I leave the table feeling slightly sluggish and sometimes a little worn out.


But not this time.

Treatment complete and before she left the room, Peytrah reminded me to take my time getting dressed, but I didn’t feel the need.  I jumped off the table feeling energised.  I always thought for a massage to be effective, for muscles to be relieved, the body had to be pushed and dragged into submission.  But Peytrah’s treatment showed me a new way.  And I liked it.

How could something so gentle be so effective?  I guess I’ll just have to head back to Kansha again soon to find out.



Kansha offers a range of holistic treatments by a range of practitioners. The practitioners and staff created a tranquil environment that combines the ambience of a spa with effective, proven therapies.  Be sure to arrive early for your treatment and sip on an Ayurvedic tea to relax and unwind before stepping into the treatment toom.


Kansha Natural Therapies, 6 Mary Street, Noosaville. 5473 0724 or kansha.com.au


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