December 2017 Newsletter

We can hardly believe this year is drawing to a close. It’s been a big and busy year for all of us at Kansha. New staff have joined our team and new products are on the shelf. As always the same standard of amazing service from our wonderful practitioners has been given to our beautiful Kansha clientele. As Christmas approaches we hope everybody can find some much earned down time with their loved ones. Take a moment to reflect on the year, embrace all you have achieved and celebrate new possibilities in 2018.
We wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!

The summer months represent an outward expression of energy. It is the most Yang of the seasons and is ruled by fire. It is a time for growth and expansion. Our bodies are full of energy whilst nature around us thrives and shares their abundance with us  It is time to cultivate our Yang energy whilst ensuring it does not come to excess. Eating with the seasons is paramount in Chinese Medicine. Foods are used to help cleanse the body, reduce toxins and build up the body when deficiencies are present.
Food is abundant during the summer months. Foods that are beneficial during summer tend to be cooling and help to restore moisture. Look for variety and try to eat lighter than you would in the cooler months. Eat outdoors with loved ones, put your bare feet on the Earth. Our aim is to eat foods that help to balance the heat associated with this fire ruled season. Apricots, cucumber, lemon, peach, corn, spinach, mint, mung beans, oranges, melons and strawberries are all cooling in nature. Eating foods raw will enhance their cooling effects. Meat products by nature are warming and building, they demand our bodies to create heat for digestion. Try to reduce your meat consumption if possible and take advantage of all the wonderful fresh, in season fruits and vegetables that are so abundant at this time of the year.

Every year we have a stampede of customers relying on us for special stocking stuffer goodies. We have lots of new items in stock right now. Luscious skin care from local makers Nayki and James Street Organics, Essential Oils courtesy of Young Living and beautiful, natural soaps from No Udder Soaps. All our products are available to be purchased through our little online store via our website. Visit us at to have a sneak peek. Otherwise drop past Kansha anytime. We love having our clients come in to see us! To sweeten the deal we are offering 10% off these items until Christmas Eve!!

Are you after a delicious but healthy Christmas treat? We always like to share a healthy alternative at Christmas and this one is a certain crowd pleaser (and so easy to make!!)
This Healthy Christmas Rocky Road is courtesy of the always fabulous Madeleine Shaw.

60g hazelnuts
60g pistachio nuts
100g pecan nuts
120g medjool dates
200ml coconut oil
2tbsp almond milk
45g raw cacao
50g dried cranberries (I sometimes use goji berries as an alternative)

Toast the nuts in a pan for 4 minutes until golden then leave to cool.
Blend the dates, coconut oil, milk and cacao together in a blender. Mix with the toasted nuts and dried cranberries.

Place in the fridge for at least 2 hours to set. Cut into bars and serve.

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