In today’s fast paced life, we can often feel invisible, or even ignored. People often find themselves saying “no-one understands what I’m going through”. We long to have a safe space for reflection and someone that will listen –the counsellor uses empathy and active listening to hear small changes in thoughts, feelings and behaviours:


“Listening in dialogue is listening more to meanings than to words. In true listening, we reach behind the words, see through them, to find the person being revealed. Listening is a search to find the treasure of the true person….to make sure that what left your mind and heart arrived in my mind and heart intact and without distortion” (John Powell,1986).

The benefit of counselling is to provide a therapeutic dialogue that brings healing and restoration for the client through skilful communication. The client and counsellor work collaboratively to clarify needs and resolve issues arising from adverse life events either through action -orientated planning or through therapy.


  • What is stopping you from getting what you want out of life?
  • What issues or behaviour are impacting upon your life causing undesirable consequences?
  • Are overwhelming emotions or stress alerting you to the need for change?
  • Are you trying to process hurt feelings or hurtful events to move towards forgiveness?


Perhaps you have been reading one personal development book after another and not seeing a breakthrough to success?  A counselling session generally lasts for 50 minutes, and can be scheduled weekly, fortnightly or even monthly to suit your schedule. It is recommended that you allow some quiet reflective time in the days following if possible. Clients may experience increasing clarity and contentment through regular attendance and by practicing new techniques between appointments. Psycho-educational material and homework exercises may be provided upon request. Screening tools may also assist in the diagnosis of varying conditions affecting good mental health.


Multiple treatment modalities are offered for adults, couples, adolescents, and children in the delivery of treatment for but not limited to a range of conditions:

  • Body Therapy to assist with body tension, injury or health conditions
  • Grief or loss (i.e.. loss of health or pleasurable activities, dreams, jobs, home, relationships)
  • Traumatic events (past or present)
  • Depression, Anxiety and/or Panic attacks
  • Stress management /Sleeplessness
  • Mindfulness and Relaxation Strategies
  • Repair of Relationships
  • Parenting or Family issues
  • Challenging behaviour and Special needs
  • Personal development and life coaching
  • Identity and Self-esteem
  • Social isolation
  • Addictions/Self harm
  • Mental Health improvements


It is never too late to begin a healing journey. “Turn your face towards the sun and the shadows will fall behind you” (Maori Proverb).


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