Balancing ACT (SALT winter 2017)

SALT MAGAZINE WINTER 2017 (Words Karina Eastway, Photos Krista Eppelstun)

I DON’T KNOW about you, but my life is pretty crazy. I race from one end of the day to the next and, consequently, each week is a blur.

The stress of it all? Reccurring shoulder and neck pain that should be treated with deep breathing, meditation, a balanced diet and plenty of sleep. But hey, to be honest, that ain’t going to happen anytime soon.

Instead, professional and holistic treatment is definitely required to restore some balance – and by holistic, I mean whole. To treat my shoulder and neck pain, I’m starting with my feet. And when it comes to holistic practices on the Sunshine Coast, Kansha Natural Therapies is top of mind. As soon as I step from the outside world into the Kansha sanctuary, I’m welcomed by an ambience more spa-like than expected: relaxing music, essential oils and complimentary Ayurvedic tea. Ahh, it’s here where the de-stress process starts and I’m only at reception.

Kansha owner Richelle Barker has 20 years’ experience in healing. A chiropractor and acupuncturist, she is a big believer in relaxation rituals to create a restorative environment, knowing that this affects the overall experience.

“We try to create an ambient space so people have a sense of relaxation, leaving the outside world behind and connecting more with themselves,” Richelle says.

The beauty of Kansha is the range of therapies and services available, with all the practitioners working together to create wellness and wellbeing for clients. “We’re not just a clinic,” says Richelle. “The idea was to have a strong, integrated team that had the client at heart. We stick to core therapies – massage, reflexology, chiropractic and acupuncture – which stem back to ancient traditions. We don’t go with trends.” 


On the day of my visit I am met by reflexologist Margie Thomson. Her calm and knowledgeable manner makes me immediately relax as we discuss the issues I’ve been experiencing and previous health history. It’s not long before I’m lying comfortably on the massage bed, plumped up by soft cushions and warming towels, and invited to smell the essential oils Margie has selected for me. Divine!

Margie tells me a little about reflexology as she prepares – it’s a healing therapy she’s been studying for 13 years and she’s obviously passionate about it.

The traditional Chinese practice has been around for thousands of years, and works with the nervous system through the feet or hands (I find out there are more than 200 nerve endings in one foot alone!). These correspond with every organ, system and structure of the body.

The pathways between pressure points are said to be connected via the nervous system, so manual massage of these areas stimulates blocked pathways caused by ‘dis-ease’, and realigns energy channels. In essence, reflexology works by allowing the body to heal itself, and bring itself back into balance by keeping the energy flowing. Although blockages don’t necessarily mean disease, they can indicate areas of sluggishness that could eventually lead to problems if left untreated.

Clients find reflexology assists by relieving stress and tension (something I’m particularly keen on), improving blood supply and achieving a feeling of centeredness.

“We can see people with chronic and acute illnesses and although non-diagnostic, the beauty of the treatment is that it is safe and non-invasive,” Margie says.

“We work the whole body through the feet, but it works on the emotional realm as well. Where there are blockages physically there can also be underlying emotions attached. So releasing the physical points may also help move or process ‘stuck’ emotions.

“And the essential oils too,” Margie says. “They’re an absolutely powerful side of the whole healing process.”

I’m fascinated by the process and I’m full of excited questions, but Margie encourages me to relax and experience the results for myself. And I have to admit to having amazing feelings of balance and centeredness that last long after the treatment has finished. It’s as though I’ve been a spinning top that Margie has gently massaged into stillness.

And for that, my body and mind are eternally grateful.


WHERE IS IT? Kansha Natural Therapies, 6 Mary Street, Noosaville. 5473 0724 or

WHY IS IT SPECIAL? Kansha Natural Therapies is a restorative haven combining ancient and modern therapies all under the one roof. Services range from chiropractic and acupuncture to massage, physiotherapy and counselling.

WHICH TREATMENT WAS ENJOYED? A 90-minute treatment ($140), including reflexology to both feet and lower legs using Young Living pure essential oils. The total treatment was enjoyed over two hours including discussion with my practitioner around my general health and wellbeing.

FINAL TIPS? Build on the body reconnection experience by bringing your mind into balance too. Kansha offer counselling and life coaching services so it’s a great opportunity to take some time to make sure your mental health is in top shape as well.


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